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Permaculture Stuff

The Permaculture Association, Britain. A registered charity and THE contact point for British Permies. Handles inquiries, the PC Academy, course information, Designers' Register, projects and more. Join up and support Permaculture in Britain.

Mid-Wales Permaculture Network great site for all those involved in permaculture design and sustainable development in the mid-Wales area.

Permanent Publications. Publishers of the excellent Permaculture Magazine and many British permaculture books.

Ecologic Books. The business that was passed on, which is a saga in itself; one of the oldest distributors of permaculture literature in Britain, now run by Peter Andrews. A huge variety of material.

David Holmgren. co-founder of Permaculture Design with Bill Mollison. An excellent website stuffed full of resources.

Cool Temperate. The excellent Phil Corbett's website. Buy your temperate species here.

Ragman's Lane Farm. A fine, evolving example of permaculture in Britain. Runs courses and visits; well worth seeing.

The Land Is Ours. Useful site, particularly regarding planning.

That Roundhouse. Tony Wrench's site devoted to the roundhouse he built at Brithdir Mawr (above). Tony and Jane are caught up in a similar situation to us, bound by the inappropriate planning laws in Britain that are currently strangling the evolution of sustainable livelihoods, homes, communities and environments.

Plants for a Future: 7000 useful plants. Some mouth watering. Also, PFAF electronic mailing list

The permaculture activist network. Thanks to Keith

Martin Hügi, Eco Tree Care & Conservation Ware, Herts. A very good site offering useful information and services

Heulwen Guesthouse. B&B for course attendees or visitors to Tir Penrhos Isaf who wish to stay over in comfort.


Other Interesting stuff.

Questing Beast. Scrawl magazine and webzine. Interesting, entertaining and odd.

The Long Now. And I thought I was taking a long view planting 140 year rotation oaks. Essential thinking.

Future's Edge. Jamie Saunders' web site devoted to governance, time and the steadily evolving present.

Club Orlov Dimitri Orlov's excellent blog on peak energy, climate change and future scenarios. Realistic (invest in phospor bronze nails) and also very funny (no need to worry about peak oil, the aliens have lots!).

Protean. Drum and bass as it should be- dark, different, fast and best quite loud.


Horse stuff.

Intelligent Horsemanship. (What a weird word; horse-man-ship. What's all that about then?) Lead by Kelly Marks, Monty Roberts' British presence and very good too.

Mark Rashid natural horsemanship and aikido- a fine combination.


Stwff Cymraeg.

Prifysgol Bangor. Cartref Cen Baker (dysgu yn ddwyieithog) a Gloywi


Government stuff and other orgs.

The Welsh Assembly. Impressive aims regarding sustainable development in Wales.

Gwynedd Gynaladwy/Sustainable Gwynedd. Laudable attempt to generate interest and actions.

Parc Cenedlaethol Eryri neu Parc Cenedlaethol Rhufain?/Snowdonia National Park.


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